Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation with Grandma!

ie LOTS of time spent on the water!

Our little family is very happy that Grandma recently bought a lake house. Who needs intown living when you can enjoy a beautiful lake every day? Not us!

what? you've never seen a bumbo on a raft in the middle of a lake before?

swimming with 2 babies is harder than running with 2 babies

Despite the lake in the backyard, we still found the need to supplement with strategic floats and a (BIG) kiddie pool.

If I didn’t know we’d be back, I’d take this awesome pool home with us—it is the perfect size for Cutie Face, will grow with both of them AND it can float Cutie Cakes’ boat!

the water bottle pool toy proved to be the best invention yet

she is a total ham

and she knows it

I hope these pictures give you a little taste of all the fun we enjoyed…

(well, you can't always be having fun, right Cutie Face?)

Cutie Cakes really got into her bouncer and started squealing/laughing when we played peek-a-boo. So sweet, those sounds!

Cutie Face liked to always know where the pups were 
and they tolerated her nicely

while you'd think the sun + water would make for 2 sleepy girls
sadly, Cutie Face has been going through a no-nap stage...
but i do have proof that she took two naps while in Michigan!

Cutie Face stacked the blocks on this Melissa & Doug toy according to color! yay for that! and what a huge difference 2 months can make in cognitive strides. I was impressed!

The cloth diapers even had fun tanning sunning themselves on vacay, too.

Thanks for a great visit, Grandma! We’ll miss you!!!

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Natalie said...

That last picture is precious Allie! Seriously melts my heart!