Friday, June 5, 2009

Awww...Sweet Baby

The Twin's daughter is, sadly, not a cuddler. So, when Little R (sniff! no longer "baby" R!) decided to one day snuggle in on her mommy's shoulder, the twin said, "aww sweet baby." Well, that seemed to motivate Miss R and she would often lay her head down and wait for her mom to say, "Aww, sweet baby". She is a riot.

I am happily blessed with a daughter who does enjoy cuddling and snuggling. In fact, the twin would often try to steal Baby C from me just so she could get in a coveted hug. Not only does C love cuddling with real people, she also loves to bury her cute little face into anything soft--from a stuffed animal to a blanket, you name it, if its soft, her head is snuggling into it!

Since the twin had such success with "Aww, sweet baby" I thought I'd try it with C, too. Now, everytime she cuddles up to me or her stuffed animals (or the bed or the towels, etc.), I reiterate the twin's phrase and rub C's back. Let me tell you, she LOVES it!

She thinks it is hilarious that I say that and wants me to keep repeating it. She'll look at me to make sure I'm watching, snuggle into whatever she is near, get a huge smile on her face when I rub her back and say the phrase and then, BAM! she's popped her head up just to do it all over again. Her version of throwing a cup just for me to pick it up again (thankfully we aren't at that stage yet and maybe we'll bypass it if she can get her fix by cuddling and hearing "Aww, sweet baby"! Could we only be so blessed!)

I kept trying to snap a few pictures of her doing it but she thought the camera was much more interesting than the stuffed here is a video we have of her demonstrating it in a half-hearted effort. Stay tuned, though--if I get some more pictures today, those will be uploaded ASAP because it is just so funny!


Portia said...

Love it!! Man she is a fast mover!!!

Eden's started saying "Awww" when she hugs us. So cute.

Julia said...

I am just smiling from ear to ear.