Monday, March 14, 2011

ever get beat... a girl?!

Cutie Face and I went for a nice jog today

and she requested to change her attire... running clothes!

i couldn't resist.

she ran about 1/10 of a lap with me
and declared herself "tired"

apparently NOT too tired to climb

or to bake mulchy birthday cakes
(1st i had to eat my veggies...don't worry)

and definitely not too tired to just look all-around adorable

climbing up the mini stone mountain

and declaring herself queen


Not too tired for that

well, okay

maybe *just* a little tired

PS Guess what other cutie will soon be joining her sister on the track?

that's right! Cutie Cakes is finally walking as of this afternoon!
(video to come)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

lil miss = big miss!

On March 5th my twin gave birth to my first niece....THREE years ago, that is!

i can hardly believe it's been three years but this is most definitely the third birthday party we've had for her. A sweet family-only, small princessy dress up affair.

The big girl cousins were a little antsy to get the party started so Uncle/Daddy passed the time reading some books

I mean, who can blame the girls for being antsy when they had this cake to drool over?

dancing princesses and all

the whole decor was awesome

Cutie Face was all about passing the time with books & an Easter hat

the Cakes was just fine passing time with her Poppy

as more family rolled in

and fun stuffy animals came to play

it was finally time to celebrate the special birthday girl!

eating ensued

and presents followed (hooray!)

crazy surprises followed

pictures were snapped


dressing up happened...again and...again

cuddle breaks occurred

and giggles (and hats!) were shared

we love you sweet, funny, adorable Lil' Miss! 

We can't wait to see where God takes you in your fourth year of life!