Sunday, February 21, 2010

Regularly scheduled programming...


is it possible to have too many pictures?

well my computer certainly thinks so!

Running slower than molasses on a cold day


the fact that my camera won't turn on (? weird ?)


my fabulous in-laws are in town


no blogging for a bit.

regularly scheduled updates to resume soon!

*not sure why egad popped into my head but i just had to use it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

{technically...} the Due Date!

It is hard to believe that Cutie Cakes has already been here for 9 days! We can't even remember what life was like without her! Life as a family of four has {thankfully, praise the Lord!} been a smooth transition.

Cutie Face is still her funny quirky little self.

Like her mama (ie, me) she loves to lay down on the floor and take a breather (I've been pulling this same stunt since I was her age and I'll often still lay down on the floor of my parents' kitchen and just relax. You should try it sometime!)

Cutie Cakes is just as cute as ever...

She loves accessories for her head, too,
and this sweet hat knit by her Grandma is no exception!

The kitties (our kitties) officially moved in with us...after being gone for almost two years (they were at my parents' house on an extended leave of absence. Don't worry--they living the high life in the Big House!)

You may not have seen them on this blog before so let me formally introduce you to Churchill and Maggie (aka Margaret Thatcher). They're sweet and we're thrilled (especially Cutie Face) that they're home!

Despite the windy cold day we had today, Cutie Face and I just had to get out of the off to the park we went.

Cutie Face walked over with me but halfway back on the walk home, she really wanted to be carried. I couldn't let a self-portrait photo-op pass so here you see us in all our glory :0

Where is Cutie Cakes you ask? Why here she is--tucked away in the Moby Wrap underneath my jacket:

Right before Cutie Face went to bed, J came home from work. She LOVES it when he comes home! It has been incredibly nice to have J in town for this project. We'll all be super sad when his next project sends him back out on the road for a couple nights/days at a time :(

I just love father-daughter time. So precious the bond that they share!

Cutie Cakes, of course, also gets her share with Daddy--J has been sleeping her on his chest while watching the Olympics. '

And that melts my heart every night.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Recap: Feb 13 & 14

Saturday was a SUPER lazy day for us.

After a late night at the concert, J slept in until...GET THIS 12:30 PM.

Yes, seriously.

Is he a lucky husband or what?!?!

I did manage to take a few cute pictures of my sleeping beauties, though!

I think they take after their daddy--they can conk out anywhere!

Cutie Cakes met the "Potty" baby (remember her from the videos?)
kind of a funny shot :-o

Once we all finally rallied, we decided to take the troops to the mall. I needed to get my computer cord checked out--it wouldn't let me charge the computer and, therefore, I was unable to use it for the past several days (a nice break from the Internet but frustrating nonetheless!).

We used our double stroller (Phil & Teds) for the first time and it was awesome. Cutie Cakes loved it and was instantly soothed by the rocking motion of the bassinet feature. Cutie Face thought it was fun to ride so high up and above her sister.

{Cutie Cakes below--this was my view as I pushed the stroller}

While I took a 20-minute reprieve to nurse the babe....

Cutie Face enjoyed playing at the Pottery Barn Kids store.

I'm worried about her as a teenager...she LOVES phones already!

Thankfully, I don't think i'll have to worry about her as a mommy!

Sunday was a beautiful day for Valentine's day!

Cutie Cakes hung out with her new church friend in the back row (and coordinating Maxi Cosi carseats). I think (hope!) they'll be buds!

The girlies wore their best Pink and Red outfits to church

Cutie Cakes' outfit was made especially for her by the Twin (who else?!)

Cutie Face loved showing her sister off to the church but definitely wanted to stay close to Daddy.

Cutie Face wanted to stay so close to Cutie Cakes and Daddy, in fact, that she insisted on helping carry CC to the car!

Immediately after church we headed up to see the cousins, Mimi & Poppy.

Cutie Face fell asleep on the way up and stayed conked out for TWO hours!

When she finally woke up, Lil Miss was there and ready to open presents from Mimi & Poppy

Stickers definitely ruled the day!

Sweet Pea didn't need any stickers to be happy!

But then she got a little sad...poor kiddo...

it was an overwhelming day for all of them!

the big kids did take solace in their sisters' carseats

at least we got a few smiles out of it at the end of the day...

PS I fell asleep twice while writing this post so please excuse any disjointedness or incoherency!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Blog...

when you can hold a Cutie Cakes instead?

I can't find an answer to that either!

Once we finally put her down, blog updates will be forthcoming :)

PS If you're desperate for a few photos {who am I kidding?}
you can find them on our photo-blog, Picture A Year

Friday, February 12, 2010

SnOw fun!

Today was a crazy day!

Mimi was gone...leaving right after J came back from his work trip. So, it was just me and the Cuties, fending for ourselves.

I wanted to add a little "fun" to the equation by getting sick on Thursday, too. Lets just say, lots of stuff coming out that had been stuck for awhile.

Despite that, Cutie Face needed food for lunch and dinner so we had to go to Trader Joe's. I was actually excited about going for an errand without help from another adult. And, i'm excited to report that it went really well!

Of course, i had to document the whole experience :)

Cutie Face thoroughly enjoyed the TJ's V-Day spread and decorations.

With new food for lunch devoured, Cutie Face was off for her nap. While she was sleeping, I randomly looked out the window and saw that it was snowing! I couldn't wait for Cutie Face to wake up and see the snow!

She was so excited to see snow and put two and two together--Baby Signing Time talks about snow but she hasn't seen it since she was 4-months old! So, needless to say, snow was a foreign concept to her.

We started out slowly and let her check it out from the porch screen.

Pretty soon we were out in the snow, playing and romping through the dusting that fell on our yard. Cutie Face enjoyed trying to eat the snow that was falling.

Of course, she had to make sure that her ball was okay (she LOVES that ball!). Check!

Then it was time to experience the snow first HAND (get it?). She loved picking up the snow and making it into a ball.

See, Mom?

We finally trooped back inside to rescue Cutie Cakes...who had been taking a nap indoors while we were exploring the snow. She still wanted to check out the (still-falling) snow so she scooted her stool over to the window and peered outside while Cutie Cakes nursed.

She also had a swell time sticking ladybug stickers from Grandma in her hair.

That was fun to get out of her hair, let me tell you.

oh--and don't worry--Cutie Cakes
(seen below looking like one of Cutie Face's dolls!)
got some sticker love, too

Throughout the day I was still feeling ICKY Icky Sick.


J and I had a date night planned and I needed to recuperate!

Thankfully, and more answers to prayers (! thank you, GOD!), the girls were super easy today and by the time J came home, I was feeling about 75%.

Despite the snow (which usually cancels EVERYTHING in Atlanta),
date night was on!

J and I left Cutie Face with a very sweet babysitter and took Cutie Cakes to her first concert--the Pettis family--patriarch Pierce and incredibly talented kids Grace and George--were playing at Eddie's Attic and we weren't about to miss the concert just because of an illness and a snowstorm!

We were SO thrilled to go--it was seriously our favorite Pierce Pettis concert.

Cutie Cakes stayed safely tucked away in my Moby Wrap

for most of the concert

{obligatory self-portrait}

except to nurse and get burped by Daddy:

and, when we came out of the concert, we were greeted by a gorgeous clear night and winter wonderland.

A beautiful end to an incredible day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Check! (-up, that is!)

Wow. I took absolutely NO pictures today until Cutie Cakes and I went to her first well check-up! I hadn't charged either of my other cameras so I was stuck with just my iPhone.

Basically, Mimi, the girls, and I went to Target. Big highlight of the day. (no, seriously, it was!)

It was my first venture with both girls and I'm glad I had my mom's help! Let me tell you now--getting two girls and yourself ready for a day out takes sooo much longer than just toting one kiddo outside! I can't imagine what it's like with more than two kiddos!

Finally, it was time for Cutie Cakes' doctor's appointment so off we went. She was a champ--no tears and an all-clear--as our pediatrician said, "She's perfect!". Aww, thank you! She gained back all of her birth weight + 1 oz so no complaints here!

Next appointment is Friday the 19th. Keep growing little one
(but not too fast!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday...{to US}!

Today the twin and I celebrated the birthday I may want to celebrate for the rest of my life :) It was SO nice to celebrate it together.

First, though, I celebrated with my girlies! They wore matching outfits for the first time...please excuse the poor picture quality!

Speaking of matching outfits, when the twin arrived, I noted that her skirt and boots were the EXACT SAME coordinating skirt and boots that I was wearing. Gee...twins, ya think? Too funny! See--even fraternal twins can think alike!

Cutie Face was VERY excited to see her cousins. She loves Lil' Miss and Sweet Pea so much! It appears that Sweet Pea loves Cutie Cakes very much, too--check out that smile!

Lil' Miss had fun exploring the playroom. She practicularly liked the baby swing. Seems to run in the family.
The kiddos did NOT take a nap again because it was just too much fun for them to share a room. So, we let them get up and play in the bedroom. They loved playing on the carpeted "slide" -- even Mimi got in on the action!

I think she had just as much fun as the girls did!

We tried to set up a photo-op with the four girlies but it didn't work out too well. Cutie Face wanted to keep putting the "passer" (pacifier) into Cutie Cakes' mouth.

But she finally settled on sitting next to a smiley Sweet Pea.
(who is SO cute!)

Since they didn't get a real nap in, we let them watch Baby Signing Time for a bit of down time for all of us. They absolutely LOVE those DVDs!

Lil Miss enjoyed trying out Cutie Face's new Rockin'Chair Rockin'Chair.

Mimi enjoyed keeping tabs on them!

After dinner and a bath, the girls fell asleep and the twin and I celebrated the rest of our birthday with the adults--Poppy and Mountain Man came down to celebrate, too! Even though I definitely missed J, it was wonderful to spend time with family and BOTH my daughters!