Thursday, February 11, 2010

Check! (-up, that is!)

Wow. I took absolutely NO pictures today until Cutie Cakes and I went to her first well check-up! I hadn't charged either of my other cameras so I was stuck with just my iPhone.

Basically, Mimi, the girls, and I went to Target. Big highlight of the day. (no, seriously, it was!)

It was my first venture with both girls and I'm glad I had my mom's help! Let me tell you now--getting two girls and yourself ready for a day out takes sooo much longer than just toting one kiddo outside! I can't imagine what it's like with more than two kiddos!

Finally, it was time for Cutie Cakes' doctor's appointment so off we went. She was a champ--no tears and an all-clear--as our pediatrician said, "She's perfect!". Aww, thank you! She gained back all of her birth weight + 1 oz so no complaints here!

Next appointment is Friday the 19th. Keep growing little one
(but not too fast!)

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