Friday, February 12, 2010

SnOw fun!

Today was a crazy day!

Mimi was gone...leaving right after J came back from his work trip. So, it was just me and the Cuties, fending for ourselves.

I wanted to add a little "fun" to the equation by getting sick on Thursday, too. Lets just say, lots of stuff coming out that had been stuck for awhile.

Despite that, Cutie Face needed food for lunch and dinner so we had to go to Trader Joe's. I was actually excited about going for an errand without help from another adult. And, i'm excited to report that it went really well!

Of course, i had to document the whole experience :)

Cutie Face thoroughly enjoyed the TJ's V-Day spread and decorations.

With new food for lunch devoured, Cutie Face was off for her nap. While she was sleeping, I randomly looked out the window and saw that it was snowing! I couldn't wait for Cutie Face to wake up and see the snow!

She was so excited to see snow and put two and two together--Baby Signing Time talks about snow but she hasn't seen it since she was 4-months old! So, needless to say, snow was a foreign concept to her.

We started out slowly and let her check it out from the porch screen.

Pretty soon we were out in the snow, playing and romping through the dusting that fell on our yard. Cutie Face enjoyed trying to eat the snow that was falling.

Of course, she had to make sure that her ball was okay (she LOVES that ball!). Check!

Then it was time to experience the snow first HAND (get it?). She loved picking up the snow and making it into a ball.

See, Mom?

We finally trooped back inside to rescue Cutie Cakes...who had been taking a nap indoors while we were exploring the snow. She still wanted to check out the (still-falling) snow so she scooted her stool over to the window and peered outside while Cutie Cakes nursed.

She also had a swell time sticking ladybug stickers from Grandma in her hair.

That was fun to get out of her hair, let me tell you.

oh--and don't worry--Cutie Cakes
(seen below looking like one of Cutie Face's dolls!)
got some sticker love, too

Throughout the day I was still feeling ICKY Icky Sick.


J and I had a date night planned and I needed to recuperate!

Thankfully, and more answers to prayers (! thank you, GOD!), the girls were super easy today and by the time J came home, I was feeling about 75%.

Despite the snow (which usually cancels EVERYTHING in Atlanta),
date night was on!

J and I left Cutie Face with a very sweet babysitter and took Cutie Cakes to her first concert--the Pettis family--patriarch Pierce and incredibly talented kids Grace and George--were playing at Eddie's Attic and we weren't about to miss the concert just because of an illness and a snowstorm!

We were SO thrilled to go--it was seriously our favorite Pierce Pettis concert.

Cutie Cakes stayed safely tucked away in my Moby Wrap

for most of the concert

{obligatory self-portrait}

except to nurse and get burped by Daddy:

and, when we came out of the concert, we were greeted by a gorgeous clear night and winter wonderland.

A beautiful end to an incredible day!

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