Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fight Fiercely Harvard...


J and I have a tradition of going to the Harvard v. Yale game every year.

Okay, we don't really go to it...but we do watch it.

The Georgia Chapters of the Yale and Harvard alumni always throw a big joint party that is so fun to attend. We love socializing with the old (and new!) alumni from each college and have met some really incredible people there each year.

The first year we went Cutie Face was not in our lives so, therefore, we were not picture happy.

Last year, Cutie Face was 3-months old. The Harvard store didn't have any cute infant t-shirts so I made one for her:

Kind of hideous if I do say so myself. Oh well.

This year, I tried really hard to find a cute shirt for her when we visited Harvard/Cambridge but all i could find was a Harvard hat. So I broke trademark laws again and made my own

(and please ignore J's face peeking out from behind Cutie Face. She likes to try to wake Mr. Sleeping Beauty from his slumbers on Saturday mornings).

Cutie Face graduated to a regular t-shirt and baseball cap (no flowery stuff for her this year--we were serious!) but still had the cute jeans! She did, however, get mistaken for a "little guy" and a "mister" several times. Oh well. Maybe we'll put the flower in her hair next year!

The viewing location for "The Game" was only half a mile away from us this year so we had a lovely walk over on a perfect Fall afternoon. Cutie Face was entertained by most of the table we sat with and she, in turn, entertained many around her...

J did help with the tickling, though!

*shortly after these pictures were taken, Cutie Face dropped my camera on the {ahem BRICK} floor and the camera that has documented her life is no longer in our lives. Sniff sniff.

Now really, you MUST watch this video of their Satirical "Genteel" (aka "Fight") song<--this is the title of my blog post, afterall! Aren't you curious? It is SOOO funny and definitely worth 86 seconds of your life!

PS Harvard did fight fiercely and won 14-10 after trailing for three quarters!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


We mellowed out today. J allowed me to go for a long run while he took care of Cutie Face. It was a glorious morning and an incredible new route and, to make it even better, I felt great! Thanks be to God for allowing me to run and revel in His creation on His day!

As soon as I came back from my run we had to head to church. We really enjoyed the sermon today (continuing with our Sermon on the Mount series, this week's lesson was on money as your master (you can listen to it here).

Following service, we really wanted Cutie Face to sleep but knew she would be to riled up from a fun time at the nursery to go to sleep right we headed to the grocery store to rile her up some more!

She absolutely LOVED shopping in the "beep beep" car cart (and the faces she makes are hilarious but might discount her claim to "Cutie" face)

We usually count Sundays as a wash for naps anyway so today was not any different. Shortly after we arrived home from Publix, she fell asleep...but half an hour later was up...and just in time, too, because we had 3 appointments scheduled to check out apartments.

Despite the drudgery that can be apartment hunting, Cutie Face managed to have a bit of fun--and she made it fun for us--she danced through all the open rooms (loved that open space) and went "runnnnIN" through the hallways of each new apartment. We also we stopped at a (new-to-her) playground by one of the houses we checked out:
and, that house that i just mentioned had the best backdrop for a photo-op.


Sadly, no real finds were found so we'll keep hunting for a new homestead for Cutie Face and her sweet sister...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Super Saturday Soaks

Today (Saturday) was an incredibly busy and fun day...

We started out with an exhausted Cutie Face...after refusing to sleep all morning, she finally conked out on our way to the Farmer's Market...

and she stayed asleep on j's shoulder the entire time we shopped!

One of our favorite local pizza places, Mellow Mushroom, was baking their pizza pies outside at the market.

The awesome thing was, EVERY topping they used came DIRECTLY from the farmers/growers at the market today and EVERY $ went to support the market. How cool!

J loved his and ate it while Cutie Face slept. impressive.

The kiddo finally woke up and we headed to the church's playground (the Farmer's Market is held in the church parking lot). She loved it!

After the market, we decided to not go back home right away and headed back downtown. J wanted to go to the Enviro Expo (we went last year and had our fair share of fun so we thought, "why not do it again?")

We parked on the street and ended up walking right past Centennial Olympic Park. I've been there with Cutie Face before but the water fountains weren't working...this time, though, we were in luck!

Since it was 73 degrees outside, we decided to let Cutie Face play in the fountains.

She had SO much fun!

So much fun, in fact, that i wanted to join her!

Yay for a new picture of the two of us! And great memories, too!

This video was hilarious (to me, as a mom...maybe not interesting to you!)

After the park, we changed Cutie Face's clothes + diaper (the spare change of clothes finally came in handy!) and headed to the Enviro Expo.

J and Cutie Face enjoyed sticking their faces through the bug cutouts:

She really wanted to walk and push her stroller but she refused to let me or J touch the stroller to help steer her. Everytime she felt our hand on the stroller, she'd look up and become very frustrated.

Oh the frustrating, full-on tantrums are right around the corner, we can just feel it.

There was this funny bug man that flitted from booth to booth--we always seemed to be running into him.

We wrapped up the expo by taking a spin in an RV. I became really dizzy, just like on a boat. So weird! Cutie Face seemed to love the bed, though!

We finally got home and tried to wind down a bit before we had to head back out again. Our friends from Cutie Face's playgroup generously offered us their tickets to the season opener GA Tech basketball game. And, our church and neighborhood friends generously allowed us to stash a sleeping Cutie Face in their basement while we were gone.

We were SO thankful for a date night! Of course, it wouldn't be a date night without a self-portrait...we managed (or, more precisely, I managed) to continually cut off our heads...massive failure:

We finally found a decent angle and here we are, thankful to just be the two of us!

Phew what a crazy but fun Saturday!

Friday, November 13, 2009

It is well...

Despite the "Free Bagel Friday" promotion ending last week at Einstein Bros. Bagels, Cutie Face and I relished our weekly date so much that we headed back there this morning. Actually, she had no choice but she enjoyed herself.

This week she ate a blueberry bagel (usually it is cranberry). She loved it!

She also l-o-v-e-d people watching. Hey Kiddo! Over here!

Today's big event was Cutie Face's 15-month well check up.

*Now, Matty, I know you aren't going to like this little tidbit that I'm about to share, but J and i decided that Cutie Face should NOT get vaccinated this winter (no monthly vaccines and certainly not the H1N1 vaccine, either!)*

Hey Cutie Face! How big are you?


She weighed in at a decent 24 lbs (75% for girls) and 32 inches (89% for girls). Not too shabby. Her head continues to be the smallest measurement (but, hey, I can still wear kids hats so no complaints).

Cutie Face and I had to wait for a little bit to see the doctor but she didn't mind--she was incredibly intrigued by the painter that was outside her window. (her facial expressions = hilarious)

she just could not get enough of it. Every minute or so, she'd look up from her book and glance out the window. She did not want to miss a moment of painting (and who said watching paint dry was boring?)

Cutie Face also wowed her doctor with her verbal skills. I think it is because Cutie Face gets to hang out with her uber smart cousin, Lil' Miss!

I haven't ever counted how many words she has but perhaps I'll do that for a rainy day. Side note: She does have quite an extensive vocabulary that I can understand...but i'm not sure if that counts since sometimes i'm the only one who knows what she is saying :).

She can definitely point to all these pictures and either sign or say the name of them. Good job, kiddo!

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Cutie Face post without a picture of us on the playground. Seriously. We go to the park every day yet i feel continually compelled to 1) take a picture and 2) blog about it.

Here is our lone park picture (note: iPhone cameras + swinging = poor quality shots):

J and I had an incredibly boring Friday night--he didn't even get home until 8 PM so lets hope our weekend gets more exciting!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mothering Touch

Along with the weather (finally! brilliant sun!),

Cutie Face turned a corner this morning from being a baby to being a mama--she really wanted to be with her blanket and/or babies from the moment she woke up.

We started with a morning walk where she pushed her blanket up and down our sidewalk:

She learned that the stroller could be pushed in many different ways--

she pushed it with one hand:
Pulled it from behind:
pushed it sideways:
and took a momentary tantrum/frustrated break while pushing the normal way (clearly not the preferred method)
After her morning nap, she found the sling that the twin made for her birthday. After we put the baby (also made by the twin for her birthday!) in the sling, she did not want to take it off. It was so cute.

She'd stare at herself in the mirror for minutes, making sure the baby was

Properly situated:
and Properly loved (lots and lots of tight squeezed hugs):

Cutie Face even wore the baby + sling while we ran errands (she was in the stroller!). i think she is going to be a great big sister!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Along with the unmotivating rainy drizzly weather blogging motivation has also fizzled. And not just bloggy motivation--we did nothing exciting yet here i am blogging about nothing (i should make a sitcom...about nothing...oh wait! that's been done already!).

The kiddo and I hung out in the house and we each took two naps. Hallelujah that is a huge praise!

We finally went to Trader Joe's and Richard's Variety Store for a little excitement. The highlight being that I made Cutie Face walk all around both stores so that she could get a little exercise. She loved it!

Oh and she did confiscate my camera so we have a few fun pictures of the wall, rug,

and me.

I turned the tables on her, though, and took some more pictures of Cutie Face: