Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mothering Touch

Along with the weather (finally! brilliant sun!),

Cutie Face turned a corner this morning from being a baby to being a mama--she really wanted to be with her blanket and/or babies from the moment she woke up.

We started with a morning walk where she pushed her blanket up and down our sidewalk:

She learned that the stroller could be pushed in many different ways--

she pushed it with one hand:
Pulled it from behind:
pushed it sideways:
and took a momentary tantrum/frustrated break while pushing the normal way (clearly not the preferred method)
After her morning nap, she found the sling that the twin made for her birthday. After we put the baby (also made by the twin for her birthday!) in the sling, she did not want to take it off. It was so cute.

She'd stare at herself in the mirror for minutes, making sure the baby was

Properly situated:
and Properly loved (lots and lots of tight squeezed hugs):

Cutie Face even wore the baby + sling while we ran errands (she was in the stroller!). i think she is going to be a great big sister!


Lauren said...

So sweet!! I love watching little girls with their babies! :)

I can't wait to get LL some baby doll accessories (like a stroller) for her birthday in April. Christmas gifts are all already set!

I wear my babies in a Moby, so I'm trying to think of how I could make something for her to wear her baby in that would *look* like a Moby, but not require all the wrapping and tying. Hmmm....

Becca said...

That is too too cute!!!!

The Nealons said...

This is absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

prashant said...

I love watching little girls with their babies

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