Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Along with the unmotivating rainy drizzly weather blogging motivation has also fizzled. And not just bloggy motivation--we did nothing exciting yet here i am blogging about nothing (i should make a sitcom...about nothing...oh wait! that's been done already!).

The kiddo and I hung out in the house and we each took two naps. Hallelujah that is a huge praise!

We finally went to Trader Joe's and Richard's Variety Store for a little excitement. The highlight being that I made Cutie Face walk all around both stores so that she could get a little exercise. She loved it!

Oh and she did confiscate my camera so we have a few fun pictures of the wall, rug,

and me.

I turned the tables on her, though, and took some more pictures of Cutie Face:

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HisTreasuredPossession said...

oh that face!!! it's so cute and such a good combo of you and J!

Hope tomorrow you get some sunshine back!!