Friday, November 13, 2009

It is well...

Despite the "Free Bagel Friday" promotion ending last week at Einstein Bros. Bagels, Cutie Face and I relished our weekly date so much that we headed back there this morning. Actually, she had no choice but she enjoyed herself.

This week she ate a blueberry bagel (usually it is cranberry). She loved it!

She also l-o-v-e-d people watching. Hey Kiddo! Over here!

Today's big event was Cutie Face's 15-month well check up.

*Now, Matty, I know you aren't going to like this little tidbit that I'm about to share, but J and i decided that Cutie Face should NOT get vaccinated this winter (no monthly vaccines and certainly not the H1N1 vaccine, either!)*

Hey Cutie Face! How big are you?


She weighed in at a decent 24 lbs (75% for girls) and 32 inches (89% for girls). Not too shabby. Her head continues to be the smallest measurement (but, hey, I can still wear kids hats so no complaints).

Cutie Face and I had to wait for a little bit to see the doctor but she didn't mind--she was incredibly intrigued by the painter that was outside her window. (her facial expressions = hilarious)

she just could not get enough of it. Every minute or so, she'd look up from her book and glance out the window. She did not want to miss a moment of painting (and who said watching paint dry was boring?)

Cutie Face also wowed her doctor with her verbal skills. I think it is because Cutie Face gets to hang out with her uber smart cousin, Lil' Miss!

I haven't ever counted how many words she has but perhaps I'll do that for a rainy day. Side note: She does have quite an extensive vocabulary that I can understand...but i'm not sure if that counts since sometimes i'm the only one who knows what she is saying :).

She can definitely point to all these pictures and either sign or say the name of them. Good job, kiddo!

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Cutie Face post without a picture of us on the playground. Seriously. We go to the park every day yet i feel continually compelled to 1) take a picture and 2) blog about it.

Here is our lone park picture (note: iPhone cameras + swinging = poor quality shots):

J and I had an incredibly boring Friday night--he didn't even get home until 8 PM so lets hope our weekend gets more exciting!

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