Sunday, November 15, 2009


We mellowed out today. J allowed me to go for a long run while he took care of Cutie Face. It was a glorious morning and an incredible new route and, to make it even better, I felt great! Thanks be to God for allowing me to run and revel in His creation on His day!

As soon as I came back from my run we had to head to church. We really enjoyed the sermon today (continuing with our Sermon on the Mount series, this week's lesson was on money as your master (you can listen to it here).

Following service, we really wanted Cutie Face to sleep but knew she would be to riled up from a fun time at the nursery to go to sleep right we headed to the grocery store to rile her up some more!

She absolutely LOVED shopping in the "beep beep" car cart (and the faces she makes are hilarious but might discount her claim to "Cutie" face)

We usually count Sundays as a wash for naps anyway so today was not any different. Shortly after we arrived home from Publix, she fell asleep...but half an hour later was up...and just in time, too, because we had 3 appointments scheduled to check out apartments.

Despite the drudgery that can be apartment hunting, Cutie Face managed to have a bit of fun--and she made it fun for us--she danced through all the open rooms (loved that open space) and went "runnnnIN" through the hallways of each new apartment. We also we stopped at a (new-to-her) playground by one of the houses we checked out:
and, that house that i just mentioned had the best backdrop for a photo-op.


Sadly, no real finds were found so we'll keep hunting for a new homestead for Cutie Face and her sweet sister...

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