Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fight Fiercely Harvard...


J and I have a tradition of going to the Harvard v. Yale game every year.

Okay, we don't really go to it...but we do watch it.

The Georgia Chapters of the Yale and Harvard alumni always throw a big joint party that is so fun to attend. We love socializing with the old (and new!) alumni from each college and have met some really incredible people there each year.

The first year we went Cutie Face was not in our lives so, therefore, we were not picture happy.

Last year, Cutie Face was 3-months old. The Harvard store didn't have any cute infant t-shirts so I made one for her:

Kind of hideous if I do say so myself. Oh well.

This year, I tried really hard to find a cute shirt for her when we visited Harvard/Cambridge but all i could find was a Harvard hat. So I broke trademark laws again and made my own

(and please ignore J's face peeking out from behind Cutie Face. She likes to try to wake Mr. Sleeping Beauty from his slumbers on Saturday mornings).

Cutie Face graduated to a regular t-shirt and baseball cap (no flowery stuff for her this year--we were serious!) but still had the cute jeans! She did, however, get mistaken for a "little guy" and a "mister" several times. Oh well. Maybe we'll put the flower in her hair next year!

The viewing location for "The Game" was only half a mile away from us this year so we had a lovely walk over on a perfect Fall afternoon. Cutie Face was entertained by most of the table we sat with and she, in turn, entertained many around her...

J did help with the tickling, though!

*shortly after these pictures were taken, Cutie Face dropped my camera on the {ahem BRICK} floor and the camera that has documented her life is no longer in our lives. Sniff sniff.

Now really, you MUST watch this video of their Satirical "Genteel" (aka "Fight") song<--this is the title of my blog post, afterall! Aren't you curious? It is SOOO funny and definitely worth 86 seconds of your life!

PS Harvard did fight fiercely and won 14-10 after trailing for three quarters!

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