Tuesday, December 1, 2009


...momentum is great until a greater force* stops it!

*(ie fatigue and Thanksgiving and...a new baby!)

I was on such a roll with this blog and LOVED blogging about Cutie Face's Life...then we had a few days where we didn't do anything exciting (not worth blogging) and that was the end of that!


My twin had her baby!!!!!

You can find all the cute pictures on her blog here...and here

Regardless, I PROMISE i will be updating and back-blogging the past three weeks worth of fun but I just had to jump ahead and post these pictures of Cutie Face at the park today.

"Mommy SIT. Mommy SIT"

in other words, she wanted me on the other side of the teeter totter. NOW.

Teaching Cutie Face that we do NOT climb UP slides...

"Hi Mom, aren't I cute?"

She and I had an absolute blast pretending to "eat" the mulch and bark.

She thought it was hilarious that I would pretend to eat and then say..."Noooooo".

ahhh, too much:

That's all for now...buh bye!


Becca said...

aw congrats! :-)

and she seriously is adorable - I love your little one - we need to have a play date sometime!

Natalie said...

Super cute! Loving those pics! I am actualy following the twin in my google now. I cannot resist a new baby :)

Jenilee said...

love new babies! :) congrats!

the park pics are adorable. Her little smile is so precious!

Sonya said...

your niece is beautiful and your little one is as cute as ever!