Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome home, Sweet Pea!

Today marked the long-awaited arrival of Sweet Pea (the twin's blog moniker for her new baby) to her new home. After her incredibly earl entrance on Monday morning (2:301 AM), the hospital let them stay in the recovery room for more than the usually-allotted 48-hours (thankfully!).

That meant that Cutie Face, Mimi, Lil Miss and I could be at their house to welcome the new bundle of joy home.

While we waited, Cutie Face and I explored Lil Miss' new room--we had not seen the finished look yet. I think the twin did an awesome job!

Look at this cute corner of the room:

and Lil Miss is sleeping in my old bed--from when I was 5! wow!

the cousins pretended to sleep in the bed together but it didn't last long...

They wanted to play with Sweet Pea's balloon (isn't that rug CUTE?)

Cutie Face had a blast in the fun corner while reading a Fancy Nancy book.

Then Lil Miss joined the reading club

and they shared stories....

After exploring Lil Miss' room and playroom, we headed back downstairs to wait...Mimi entertained the girls with a Christmas toy catalog

Finally the twin and Mountain Man arrived with Sweet Pea.

Lil Miss was SO excited to see her mommy!

Cutie Face wanted in on the hug fest reunion so she headed over for a hug with her uncle, Mountain Man.

and cute little Sweet Pea slept through it all. I think she is going to be well loved!

Cutie Face and I are now back at home but she will really miss hanging out with Mimi, Poppy, and Lil Miss. Thankfully, now that we are home, I can start catching up on emails, Google Reader, and other obligations! Talk to y'all soon!


Julia said...

I LOVED this blog post!!!!

Natalie said...

How sweet! Nothing quite like family bonding indeed! Love that your neice is using your old bed. And how precious is that sweet baby! I am thrilled for you and your sister that you are both able to have two girls each. That is really special!

Leslie said...

beautiful pictures. thanks for coming to my blog, saying hello and entering the giveaway. good luck