Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silly Poky Puppy!

Cutie Face is a HUGE fan of "The Poky Little Puppy". She loves that book, primarily because she loves puppies.

Once, when we were walking through Publix, Cutie Face spied a Christmas Puppy. This puppy had a green Christmas present with a red bow and it played "Jingle Bells" when you pushed its middle. We thought it was cute that she reached out to it and wanted to hold it--it was March and she was only 7-months old so we didn't think much of it...until the next time we were in Publix when she started looking for the puppy. We couldn't believe she remembered it!

Since it was a Christmas puppy and it was long past Christmas, it was on sale for $1.99. So we bought it. As parents it was our first impulse buy for Cutie Face. But that puppy has been her buddy ever since and we're so happy she has him to snuggle with.

Lately, Cutie Face has become very attached to Puppy and asks to take him outside on our stroller walks. I relented last night and let her bring Puppy with us on a trip to Publix (a homecoming of sorts?).

Well, Cutie Face grew tired of sharing her stroller with him on our way home so she threw him out.

After a warning that Puppy would be taken away should she throw him out of the stroller again, Cutie Face and I continued home...

and a mere 45-seconds later, Puppy was overboard.

I picked him up and placed him on top of the stroller (where Cutie Face could not see him nor know that he had been rescued). I then exclaimed, "Oh NO! Where did the puppy go? Did you throw him? Oh NO! Poor Puppy."

We continued the sad conversation about the poor puppy's plight all the way home and even talked about how Cutie Face threw him out of her stroller while we were eating dinner. She seemed sad that she didn't know where he was and kept saying, "Puppy? I dunno!"

Finally, when we were done with dinner, I distracted her for a minute, plucked poor Puppy from the top of the stroller and placed him on our doormat at our front door.

Then I knocked and told her that I thought I heard the puppy knocking at the door!

She RAN over to the door and...sure enough, when we opened it, there was Puppy!

I've never seen a happier child. And I couldn't believe how hard she hugged Puppy. I mean, if he was a real dog, he'd be dead she squeezed him so tightly! It was like she found her long lost best friend. (I, sadly, was watching her hug Puppy so much that I forgot to take a picture--it was so cute, though!)

We had a heart-to-heart about how sad, hungry, cold, lonely, and dirty poor puppy must have been. That was that...or so I thought!

I returned to the kitchen to clean up our dinner plates and soon heard her saying "Eat, Eat". Since I couldn't see Cutie Face, I told her, "Sweetie, you already ate!" but she kept repeating "eat eat!" so, finally I went to the dining room to see that she was trying to feed Puppy. She must have thought that he was hungry because she had put Puppy on her booster chair and desperately wanted to feed him something!

Later, as we were drawing Cutie Face's bathwater, I went to get her towel, returned a mere second later and found that she had thrown Puppy into the bath, all the while signing "Dirty".

Guess our little heart-to-heart about Puppy took effect in her sweet, young little mind. I also hope that she learned her lesson and never throws Puppy out of the stroller again!


Natalie said...

The Poky Little PUppy was one of my fav books when I was a child. Although it was a little differnt than the one you have here.

Cutie face is a great listener it seems and takes everything Mommy says to heart. Looks like you have a wonderful little girl on your hands who is growing into a sweet litle girl. How blessed you both are. Just precious!

Welcome to Our Nest of Three said...

This is the most precious post ever!!!!! I am so glad you recorded and captured this memory ... one to tuck into your heart forever. What a sweet little soul she is. "Babette" is sooooo lucky to have you two for parents. :)

Kim said...

Such a cute, funny story! I loved it! Cutie Face sounds like she is a very sweet girl!

Julia said...

OMG that is SOOOO cute! I wish I could pull that one over on Asher, alas he's too young to understand anything but "no" at this point. She is too cute!