Friday, December 4, 2009

Fun Friday

Fridays have kind of turned into a special Mommy-Daughter date day. In October, we went to Einstein Bros. Bagels each Friday morning to celebrate their Pumpkin bagels (and it helped that they were free!). Now we go out and run errands and just take a few minutes away from the house and computer to be with each other.

I really LOVE it!

Today, we dropped J off at work and headed to Dunwoody for my 30-week OB appointment. It was a relatively quick appointment since they just had to measure the belly and listen for the heartbeat.

Cutie Face enjoys going to the OB office because there are walls full of baby pictures. She could just stare at them for hours! In fact, we walked by a wall of photos as we went to our room and, after a few moments, she was begging to go back into the hallway to see the babes. ("Baby? Baby? BABY! Pleees plees PLEES")

Thankfully, they had a "Highlights" magazine in our room and that occupied her while we waited for the doctor.

We met the newest member of my doctor's practice--he was a one-man show until last month and it was fun to meet a woman OB (I've never had a woman as an OB/Gyn before!). Verdict is still out on if I'll choose her to be my full-time OB but she seemed nice and Cutie Face felt very comfortable with her (she has longish wavy/curly hair and resembles me a lot which made Cutie Face ask "Mommy?" when my doctor left the office!).

The office just received a new Ultrasound Machine and needed to calibrate the picture settings on it. The OB asked if I'd like to be the "guinea pig" and I agreed. It was a really fast ultrasound but it was another 4-D one which was fun.

Sadly, Babette #2 absolutely continues to REFUSE to show us her face. This time she had BOTH hands in front of her face. I guess we'll just see her in 10 weeks! I just hope she isn't hiding anything scary behind those hands :)

Since it was Friday, I decided to head to a bagel place right across the street from the doctor's office. I've heard great things about Goldberg's Bagels so no time like the present to try them!

Handily, they were right next to a Starbucks, so we headed over for some tea once we bought our bagels. I'm pleased to announce that these bagels truly are New York style bagels and tasted sooo authentic that, despite eating breakfast earlier in the morning, Cutie Face ate her whole Blueberry and I ate the other TWO bagels. Carbo-loading for tomorrow's cross-country race is my only excuse!

Since we were practically in the 'burbs, I decided to get some errands out of the way after we ate. I needed supplies for next week's Tutorial Tuesday!

We don't have a crafty store like Hobby Lobby too close to us so off we went. Turns out I got a little lost but it wasn't a huge deal and we were in the Hobby Lobby parking lot in no time. I couldn't resist a Super Walmart, though, so we headed there first.

Cutie Face found the baby aisle and loved the baby toys, bottles, etc. I think she is really getting into the Big Sister idea--we are so blessed that God is seemingly preparing her sweet heart for a baby!

While in the Crafty aisle, Cutie Face spied "Melmo" (ie "Elmo") and we spent a good five minutes playing and talking to the Elmo balloons. Despite their apparent similarities, Cutie Face, for some odd reason, favored the balloon on the right MUCH more than the one on the left. Weird.

The rest of the day was largely spent writing Monkeys on the Bed blog posts while attempting to get Cutie Face to sleep (I knew I shouldn't have let her taste that Gingerbread Latte sample!). Finally, we both got in a 1-hour nap before we headed off to pick J up at work...and then to Ikea for dinner and shopping!

Sadly, my phone (also now my camera!) died on our way over there so I don't have any pictures but Cutie Face once again greatly enjoyed herself and J and I checked out some "Big Girl" beds...we may have come to a few decisions, too! Yay!

This weekend is grossly busy but stay tuned for a weekend recap on Sunday evening! Hope y'all have a great one!


Kathy said...

I have so many random thoughts on this post--

Cutie Face is sooo cute!! I love that your new little one is already weary of the papparazzi:)

YOU ARE 30 WEEKS ALREADY!!! How did time go so fast? It isnt too long now!! YAY!!!

I am so impressed that You take little C to the Dr and on your errands-fun!!

LOVED her little cloth diaper peeking out of her jeans :) That may be a little weird of me...I am also totally impressed that you do cloth out and about too. I either do cloth on and off or dont go out:) Ive become such a wimp.

Does your phone take all these awesom pictures? I am again impressed :)

Julia said...

You are so lucky that you got a 4-D ultrasound! I have only ever had female OB/GYN's and would NEVER want a man. There's just something about describing problems to someone how doesn't even possess the "parts" that just doesn't sit well with me, haha. Almost like "oh man, I have cramps sooo bad" ... a man could never say "I understand what you mean."

Julia said...

"who" not "how" I dyslexic?