Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our day in pictures

I titled this post appropriately--there are TONS of pictures so be prepared!!!

The day dawned early for us--sadly, Cutie Face was hungry but I didn't have any oatmeal ready for her. So we decided to try our hand at a bowl of cereal + milk for the first time

I was impressed by how well she wielded the spoon + Os--there was nary a spill!

Towards the end of the cereal bowl, though, she decided that finger feeding was the way to go. At least we made it through most of the bowl before that happened!

Right after breakfast, I had to get ready for my Cross-Country 5k. Cutie Face helped me lace my shoes...on her feet!
I left her and J at home and headed North to the race...

I'm glad they stayed home, too, because it was a blustery 34 degrees and snowing--YES there were snowflakes flitting about but they dissipated before the race started. STILL, we did have snow in Atlanta!

The race is not designed for 30-week pregnant women (duh). It was littered with leaves that were slippery from the rain/snow mixture and it was all hills (duh--cross country!) like this one (that we got to run up 3 times!!!):

I walked a bit down the hills and across the bridges because I really did not want to fall. Despite the breaks, I still managed to make top 3 women overall which meant that our Atlanta Track Club Women's team won the race! (we finished 1-2-3 for a total score of 6--the lowest you can get in XC!). We took a celebratory picture but I had my eyes closed (oh well!):

I quickly grabbed a bagel and some M&Ms (yum!) and headed back down to meet Cutie Face and J. They were supposed to have gone to the BlaBla Kids Pajama Party but Cutie Face decided to take a longer-than-usual nap (not a bad thing!). I'm still really sad we missed it--they throw such awesome parties (speaking of throwing awesome parties--they're celebrating the 12 days of Christmas on their blog with 20% off discount on the picture to see what today's sale is!)

While she slept, I got ready for J's Children's Christmas party and the Atlanta Children's Christmas Parade. Finally we were all awake and ready so off we went! I took a quick family photo snap of us in the elevator:

As soon as we stepped off the elevator, we were greeted by Santa.

We had talked about how "nice" and "happy" Santa was and how Cutie Face would get to meet him for about a week in anticipation of this event. J talked to Cutie Face as we stood in line about how fun it would be to sit on Santa's lap.
Sadly, Cutie Face did not fall for our tactics so the Santa picture became a family photo (sorry about the quality here--I took a photo of the picture with my phone and it doesn't do it justice). Look at her sad, slightly panicked, little face. Poor kiddo!

We knew food would distract her from her Santa trauma so we headed over to eat some Chick-fil-A (yum!) and watch the parade on TV

(we had tried to watch the parade outside but it was sooooo cold and windy that we opted to go to the Christmas party early!)

This is the view we had from the lobby while we ate--you can see the Georgia Dome where the "big" Florida v. Alabama game went down:

And here is the lobby (yes, i know you don't need to see pictures of this but I just needed to document it for myself!)

Cutie Face thoroughly enjoyed her chicken biscuits. She would have eaten the whole tray had we let her--thankfully they had some nutritious fruit for her, too!

After eating, we headed to "Santa's Toyland" to pick up her Children's gift--they pick out PERSONAL gifts for each child that RSVPs--isn't that cool? Here is Cutie Face waiting patiently for her present:

We knew that we were going to donate it to Toys for Tots but she was very intrigued by it:

So much so that she ripped into it immediately:

To find that it was a Melissa and Doug play purse:

She really wanted to open it and play with it:

But we diverted her attention over to the "Big Kids" playing Wii bowling:

and then quickly threw her present into the Toys for Tots bin:

Thankfully she didn't even notice it was gone! We found a cute Snowman on the way back to the lobby that Cutie Face wanted to hug:

and we also stopped at a craft table to make an ornament necklace (that wasn't the craft but she was too young to make the ornament wreath so we created a necklace instead!)

Then it was time to get an animal balloon. She had seen them all over the office and really really wanted one.

The balloon lady made her a green doggie. Cute.

Before we left, Cutie Face made friends with Kaitlin, a sweet girl 2-months younger than her. She was very eager to show Kaitlin her necklace:

but she was even more excited to give Kaitlin hugs:

Poor Kaitlin! She never knew what {hugged} her!

We finally headed home and all took naps before we headed back out into the cold. J really wanted to take a walk around our neighborhood so off we went. We love all the fun shops in our area! Cutie Face got antsy sitting in the stroller so we let her get out at Paper Source...where she found a big polar bear

Who of course needed a hug, too!

We stayed out for quite awhile, long enough for the sun to set and for us to see all the fun and festive lights on the walk home. We particularly liked the tree on top of this local yummy restaurant:

J decided it was because they incorporated blue and white "fairy lights" (as they say in the UK). So pretty!

...and that, my friends, was our Saturday...Phew!

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