Sunday, December 6, 2009

At the Car Wash!

Our car was overdue for a carwash. I mean SERIOUSLY overdue. Disgustingly overdue.

So Cutie Face and I went to visit the car wash. If it tells you anything about the state of our car, this is the first time Cutie Face has ever been to the car wash...yeah...

We went to the Cactus car wash. J loves to read reviews on Yelp before trying out any service or new restaurant and this carwash seemed to be the clear favorite on the Yelp message boards.

What Cutie Face and I liked best about the Cactus Car Wash was the comfy cozy lobby.

They had a fireplace (!), a Christmas tree, and a coffee bar (!).

She really got into the Christmas tree...
So, yes, the lobby was pretty posh. In fact, Cutie Face felt so comfortable in the lobby that she and her puppy tried to take a little nap.

It didn't last long, of course, because she had to investigate the tree,

(she really liked it)

knock on the windows,

watch our car being washed,

and read some magazines.

The car looked GREAT after it got done...but it took FIVE people to make it look that way:

After the car wash, we hurried and packed for a quick trip to the twin's and Mimi's house. On our way up to the 'burbs, I had the urge to use the bathroom, so we quickly stopped at Target. Too bad Cutie Face had chosen the 10 minutes prior to start napping. I tried my patented method of transporting her in the bed of the shopping cart:

...but she heard a baby crying and immediately sat up and wanted to "HELPH" the "Saaaaad" baby. So much for a nap.

While at the Targe, I picked up a few items for my Monkeys on the Bed! Tutorial...and then we went to the bathroom just so that Cutie Face could wash her hands. How can I deny a cutie's constant plea to wash her hands?

Clearly, I couldn't!

We finally headed to the twin's so that she could take Sweet Pea on a few errands while Lil' Miss and Cutie Face ate lunch and took naps.

I forgot to bring up Cutie Face's booster seat and portable crib so we had to make do with a few household items....namely a shoebox for a booster seat (she stayed on perfectly but I forgot to take a picture of her perched on the shoe box on the chair. It would have been cute so just envision it ) and a REAL bed for naptime.

Yes, that is correct, for naptime, Cutie Face got to sleep in Lil' Miss BIG GIRL BED for the first time ever. And she did really well! I was so proud of her for 1) falling asleep and 2) staying in it until I came to get her! She and Lil' Miss also took great long naps so I'm thinking that a switch to a big girl bed sometime in the near future won't be a big issue.

Cutie Face is enamored with babies. I mean IN LOVE with them. She wants to hold them, touch them, pat them, rock them, and basically just be all over them. It is very very sweet but, after a few minutes of remembering to be gentle, she forgets and wants to treat them as if they were her dollies. Which Sweet Pea clearly isn't! She still has a lot to learn but I'm so thankful and excited that she loves being with babies!

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