Sunday, December 6, 2009


{Note: this is NOT my i ❤ faces entry! you can find that on my Monkeys on the Bed! blog here!}

This week's theme at i ❤ faces is "sweet dreams". I had a few good photos from before but, since we all took a family nap this morning, I decided to take a few pictures, too.

I have always claimed that Cutie Face looks EXACTLY like her 28-week ultrasound picture when she is sleeping:

Now I finally have the proof!

In fact, I placed the ultrasound photo over the computer screen image of Cutie Face from today and was shocked that it matched up perfectly.

I mean, yes, this is the same person...but really, one picture was taken ~10 weeks before she was born and another picture was taken 69 weeks after her birth...which makes these pictures practically 80 weeks apart!

When your little one is doing so much changing every single day, it is amazing to see that some things never change!


Jenilee said...

that is amazing! Our God is awesome! :) She really looks exactly the same. thanks for sharing that photo. :)

Jenny said...

That is awesome! She's adorable!

My daughter had those same PJ's :)

Kim said...

So incredible, and so sweet! I love the sleeping pic! And I looked through dozens of the tooshie pics (and looked at the winners last night), and I really thought yours was one of the best.

Caroline said...

That's incredible :D!! Cute capture for this week !

Casey said...

wow, that really is amazing!