Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Recap: Feb 13 & 14

Saturday was a SUPER lazy day for us.

After a late night at the concert, J slept in until...GET THIS 12:30 PM.

Yes, seriously.

Is he a lucky husband or what?!?!

I did manage to take a few cute pictures of my sleeping beauties, though!

I think they take after their daddy--they can conk out anywhere!

Cutie Cakes met the "Potty" baby (remember her from the videos?)
kind of a funny shot :-o

Once we all finally rallied, we decided to take the troops to the mall. I needed to get my computer cord checked out--it wouldn't let me charge the computer and, therefore, I was unable to use it for the past several days (a nice break from the Internet but frustrating nonetheless!).

We used our double stroller (Phil & Teds) for the first time and it was awesome. Cutie Cakes loved it and was instantly soothed by the rocking motion of the bassinet feature. Cutie Face thought it was fun to ride so high up and above her sister.

{Cutie Cakes below--this was my view as I pushed the stroller}

While I took a 20-minute reprieve to nurse the babe....

Cutie Face enjoyed playing at the Pottery Barn Kids store.

I'm worried about her as a teenager...she LOVES phones already!

Thankfully, I don't think i'll have to worry about her as a mommy!

Sunday was a beautiful day for Valentine's day!

Cutie Cakes hung out with her new church friend in the back row (and coordinating Maxi Cosi carseats). I think (hope!) they'll be buds!

The girlies wore their best Pink and Red outfits to church

Cutie Cakes' outfit was made especially for her by the Twin (who else?!)

Cutie Face loved showing her sister off to the church but definitely wanted to stay close to Daddy.

Cutie Face wanted to stay so close to Cutie Cakes and Daddy, in fact, that she insisted on helping carry CC to the car!

Immediately after church we headed up to see the cousins, Mimi & Poppy.

Cutie Face fell asleep on the way up and stayed conked out for TWO hours!

When she finally woke up, Lil Miss was there and ready to open presents from Mimi & Poppy

Stickers definitely ruled the day!

Sweet Pea didn't need any stickers to be happy!

But then she got a little sad...poor kiddo...

it was an overwhelming day for all of them!

the big kids did take solace in their sisters' carseats

at least we got a few smiles out of it at the end of the day...

PS I fell asleep twice while writing this post so please excuse any disjointedness or incoherency!


Courtney said...

The kids look adorable in their Valentine gear.

Kim said...

Do Cutie Face & Lil Miss have shirts that are 2 halves of a heart? Too cute! I love seeing the pics of you guys now that you are a family of four.

TMM said...

I love how the Twin made the heart halves on each shirt...haha. You did a good job, no incoherency here :)

Natalie said...

Hey friend! Since you have so much extra time on your hands with two kiddos under two now, could you show me how to use the Moby wrap for an infant! I got one and wanna use it with the new babe. I have 8 weeks still so take your time :)

Loving all the posts too! Your pictures are fun fun fun!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so happy for you. I am crying.
So very happy!
You are such a wonderful Mommy! I am glad God gave you a precious gift of 2 little girls. I am happy for them!