Monday, March 14, 2011

ever get beat... a girl?!

Cutie Face and I went for a nice jog today

and she requested to change her attire... running clothes!

i couldn't resist.

she ran about 1/10 of a lap with me
and declared herself "tired"

apparently NOT too tired to climb

or to bake mulchy birthday cakes
(1st i had to eat my veggies...don't worry)

and definitely not too tired to just look all-around adorable

climbing up the mini stone mountain

and declaring herself queen


Not too tired for that

well, okay

maybe *just* a little tired

PS Guess what other cutie will soon be joining her sister on the track?

that's right! Cutie Cakes is finally walking as of this afternoon!
(video to come)


Southern Belle said...

The weather must be nice where you are. Looks like summer...lucky you! Fun photos, glad you both had a enjoyable day.

Julia Wreyford said...

Cutest. Thing. Ever.


Kim said...

LOVE the running clothes! LOVE the pictures! LOVE that you have 2 walkers!

Michelle R Photography said...

What an adorable storytelling collage. She has such cute little ringlets!! Thanks for your sweet message on my blog this morning. Congrats on starting the adoption process!!