Monday, August 1, 2011

Agility Tests

It's the summer.

It's the summer in Atlanta.

It is HOT.

Regardless, we love playing outside

(confession: sunny, hot recreation makes for better naps and bedtimes so i love playing outside)

When it is so hot, though, we seek out playgrounds with water elements or shady spots.

Recently, we've been fond of one sweet little park that recently reopened. It's super shady and has a lot to offer for the girls.

Cutie Face, a non-daredevil, somewhat-scaredy cat, is largely afraid to test her skills and her confidence. As her mom, I really want to instill a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem because i know she can pretty much do anything that she sets her mind to do (did i mention she is very strong-willed? yeah. two strong-willed parents meant we weren't getting off easy).

Sometimes I want it too badly and might push her to do something to the point of her freaking out about it. I mean, we've had humongous meltdowns (yes plural) in the middle of McDonald Playlands because she cannot/does not want to climb higher and cannot for the life of her, will herself back down the climbing apparatus.

That's why i'm SO proud of the leaps she has taken (literally!) at this new playground.

She's becoming quite agile on the equipment and I love to see her blossom and smile from her accomplishments. We've been working on memorizing and praying Philippians 4:13 and I think she's learning to apply that to every day situations. Hooray!

Who knew a playground could offer so many life lessons?

in other news, Cutie Cakes is pretty self-assured.
she thinks she's pretty funny, too

and is always wanting to go faster, stronger, higher (isn't that the Olympics theme?)

and then says (and signs, too, for added emphasis):
More More More!

It definitely helps that these two have each other
they balance each other out

and are just the right amount of crazy

PS Other perks about our new favorite shady playground?

a leave-the-sand-there sandbox and wash-it-all-off water faucet

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