Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bubbles and Baths err...Pools!

Shucks! I love using alliteration but it looks like this post title isn't up for it today. Maybe tomorrow? :)

So happy to be blogging a bit more on the Cutie Face blog! I love posting personal updates about Baby C. I did just realize, though, that I somehow posted my Wordless Wednesday post twice. Huge apologies about that!

Anyway, back to C: She continually cracks us up because she cracks herself up. Seriously, if I'm not actively trying to make her laugh she'll start trying to make herself laugh. What a joyful fun spirit she has! Of course, she does cry and get sad but, for the most part she is happy happy happy...

Last week we visited Mimi (my mom) and Aunt A (the twin) and Cousin R. Mimi set up her little outdoor pool and brought out the newest toy--bubbles! Here are a few classic shots of the girls learning about bubbles, bubble wands, pools, and how necessary it is to take off your clothes before you get in the pool!

{Don't forget--if you want to see the pictures up close and personal, just click on them and they'll pop up bigger!}

going back for more...

lookout! here come the bubbles!

after attempting a few head-first-dive-ins, we stripped the babes and threw them in


Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Oh my goodness! Those last pics are too stinkin cute.

taliastravelblog said...

I love these photos of the babies in the mini-pool. We just moved today to a new apartment with a little paved courtyard and I am so excited that Talia will have her own little inflatable pool to play in (which we obviously couldn't do in NYC). I have the best memories of 'my' pool on the deck as a child, even though we went almost daily to the 'big' pool too. Now we just need to find some bath toys and we'll be set for the hot weather.