Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oh Cutie Face where have you been?

Little Cutie Face has been busy since we last posted!

She explored the blocks (a steal from a local consignment sale--this whole box, including the tupperware, was $2!) and really got into gnawing on the 'shroom. Side note--I gave her mushrooms for the first time on Sunday and she was a fan err, intrigued. Kind of foamy, i guess.

She sampled my first batch of rosemary + garlic homemade bread.

I think she liked it...

Rosemary + Garlic bread Drool (enlarged for your viewing pleasure)

This past weekend, we were in NC for my cousin's graduation. We decided to do a photo-op in the Residence Inn. Classy.

Baby C finally got to meet the Uncle who officiated our wedding. While i'd like to think she was enthralled by the company, it wasn't until Zoe, their Dachshund, arrived on the scene...

...that she got (literally) tickled.

She was also entertained by our cousin's cousin (but not our cousin--got that?) who was fresh in from the mission field with her amazing family (they are missionaries in Brazil). Here they are plonking down on the piano (the only saving grace for poor Zoe)

While the ride up to NC was a breeze,

C wasn't too thrilled with it on the way home:

Today we went for a later-afternoon run so that we could hang out at a local track meet (i'm a competitive runner so it was a real treat for me to hang out at a track meet. Yes, I'm a nerd)

Stay tuned for more pics of what we did on Monday--I don't want to get all crazy on you and post everything all at once! Look for it in a Wordless Wednesday post tomorrow :)

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Melissa said...

It looks like you had lots of fun!

Traveling with a crying baby is super hard! Usually Ethan does really well but there was one night last week, on the way home from the wedding rehearsal and dinner that he had just had enough and he let me know it!