Monday, June 8, 2009

Phew! Crazy weekend recap!

In case you couldn't tell, I'm really into the photo collages--while some details are lost because the pictures are smaller, it (hopefully!) is easier to get the main idea when we have lots to update! Don't worry, this won't be the norm!

I mentioned in one of my Thankful Thursday posts that our church finally has our own building! What a joyous occasion it was when our church family celebrated with a grand opening gala. The women behind the design are more than amazing--I'll show you close ups of the incredible rooms later--they are breathtaking! And the nursery! oh my! You don't even know how incredible that is!

CCE opening night

After the church party, we headed to our community's annual Summerfest Dinner. We love where we live because we can walk everywhere and enjoy our neighbors. More than 1000 people come out for food and fellowship and then a kid-friendly movie at dusk. We always end up meeting new people who are so neat!

VaHi resident dinner

On Saturday, we went to the Braves' Game with J's company. C went last Fall when she was really little but this time was much more fun because she interacted with lots of kids.

Braves game

We actually left the game before it even started (gasp!) but we went to an even better party--three backyards full of fun, food, and fellowship! C was particularly enamored with one of the older boys from our church--can you spot them throughout the collage? Hilarious!

Drexler's party

On Sunday, after our inaugural church service in our new location (awesome, by the way!) we met with my parents and enjoyed the end of Summerfest. The highlight for the kiddos was getting to explore one of our local parks.

Summerfest swings

and, finally, our friends from church who live seriously 60 seconds away from us, had their baby girl on their 12th anniversary--which was Saturday! Talk about congratulations all around! We were able to visit her today--she is a gorgeous little baby with tons of hair. Hard to believe C was smaller than her. It will be so fun watching her grow.

cutie face,weekend recap

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

PS Didn't realize my camera was on an absolutely horrid shutter speed setting until after all the pictures were taken. Fixed that so stay tuned for better quality! :0

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Becca said...

Sounds so fun and definitely busy! :-) I love all the pictures!!!