Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prayer Request!

I'm reposting this from my Monkeys-on-the-Bed! Blog in hopes that I cover everyone!


It was SO amazing and encouraging to read all the Twitter tweets and blog posts about how people all over the world were (ARE!) praying Baby Stellan and his MckFamily.

He is doing much better than yesterday but prayers are obviously still needed!

After reading about Stellan, thinking about Stellan, and praying for Stellan all day yesterday, I was amazed by the power of God and His people.

This morning my Dad called me and the twin to let us know that our Grandpa is not doing well at all today. He, like Stellan, has extremely extremely low hemoglobin and ALL of his counts are going down. This comes a day after he was stabilizing.

We KNOW that God is mighty and in control. We KNOW that God can heal our grandpa or chose to take him home. We KNOW this. While we pray for healing we also pray for God to be glorified and for His will to be done, whatever it is.

We ask that you join us in praying for our grandpa. He is a man of integrity, the father of 5 wonderful children and 12 incredible grandchildren (okay, i'm including me and the twin in that list but you get the gist). If you find a minute, please consider praying for healing for our Grandpa.

Thank you!

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Sjn said...

praying for Grandpa Tunney here, my thoughts are with you all.