Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy day and its only 1/2 over!

The ironic thing about my grandpa's passing is that we now have more time to do "normal" things. Of course, we will be planning Grandpa's memorial service and making a video for it (which will most definitely take a lot of time!) but we are now somewhat "free" to go throughout our day.

We all woke up at 4:30 AM when we heard the news and, unfortunately, no one, including the babies, could go back to sleep.

To pass the time before they were able to go back down for a nap, the twin and I took the kiddos to the putt putt this morning (no...we didn't play a round with them--we took them to see the safari animals on the course).

clearly, they're thrilled

she learned how to make an elephant noise.

she says, "brrrrmph" So cute!

Now we're working on the hippo noise

Monkey wants to know--do YOU know what noise a hippo makes? Because we certainly don't!

After a nap, the twin took Little R to Whole Foods while Monkey (or cutie face or Baby C...i can't decide what to call her!) and I went for a fun swim in the pool--she LOVES swimming and we've swum every day this week right after her nap and before lunch. Its good timing...sadly, no pictures as i'm the one playing with her in the pool but we hope to get some soon because her bathing suit is SO cute :)

After lunch, we took the cousins to a playground in Florida. The one oversight is that there were NO TREES or even any artificial shade so the swings and the play equipment was quite hot. Monkey didn't mind, though, and loved getting a ride on the babyswing:

They are now back down for their second nap and I think I might join them!

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Noah's Mommy said...

so sorry to hear about your is so never easy....Looks like it was a fun filled day though....and nap definitely sounds good!!!