Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meeting an old/new friend

Baby C met one of my oldest Georgia friends for the first time last week. We had lunch at a nice Thai restaurant and I finally remembered to snap pictures that mean something (not just 1000s of random pics of C!).

She loved the G-man and constantly gave him smiles, straight from the get-go! No warm up for her.

Thanks for having lunch with us, G! We hope you come back to Georgia again (permanently!) soon!


Julia said...

I have admired her blankie from afar for many months now. And now it's time to ask...who made that for you/where did you get it? :)

You might have a missed call from me...but no worries, it was a minor baby advice freak out that has been diffused. ha!

Portia said...

She looks SO BIG!! AHH! Such a cutie - I love those teeth!