Sunday, August 9, 2009

Repost: Going to Florida

I'm sorry to keep doing this to all of you who read both of my blogs but we're running out of town which means I'm running out of time :-o so i'm reposting from Monkeys on the Bed!


Hi friends,

Well, my sister has outdone me again and posted:

1) about Baby C's first year
2) about Baby C's first birthday party


3) about all the gifts she made for Baby C

Maybe you didn't click on any of those links...but you MUST click on the last one to see how talented my sister is!

And now to more serious things...

I won't be posting much at all (or even responding to emails or getting on Twitter!)

My mom and I, Baby C, and the twin and the cousin are driving down to Florida today.

We are going to be with my grandpa and support my grandma for at least a week

I'll miss you, Bloggy Land! But we'll be back!


Sjn said...

Your Grandpa is in my prayers.
And, from your previous post, congratulations to you on baby #2! That's wonderful news!!!

Noah's Mommy said...

have a safe trip....your sis is amazingly creative....wonderful things....for sure!!! Looking forward to your return...