Sunday, November 1, 2009


Wow. i cannot believe it is already November!

We crammed a lot into our 1st day of the 11th month...first, i crammed Cutie Face in her room. We bought a baby gate a loooong time ago but never thought to use it for our super small apartment.

As fans of BabyWise, we are also fans of individual playtime. Cutie Face, however, likes to be near us at all times so J and i thought a babygate in her room would allow her to see us (and vice versa). And it would encourage her to play on her own.

At first she thought it was...interesting...?

then she got really sad about it & wouldn't stop asking "up. PLEASE."

Church came...and Cutie Face went. As in, J took her home mid-service because she was on the verge of massive meltdownS. Sadly, that meant J missed the sermon (I was on nursery duty so i missed it anyway).

However, the kiddo rallied after a nap and we set out for a Fall tour of Inman Park. Of course, we hit a playground...and J took a turn on the swings:

Then they played on the slide

until they found a ladybug...

J placed it on Cutie Face to which she promptly responded with a "No. No. No?"

there is also a duck pond near the playground

and cute, friendly doggies:

After the playground,

we viewed a house that was on the market,
in our price range
and supposedly 4 bedrooms...

though it seems REALLY small:

Mainly, though, our first day in November centered around taking pictures of the gorgeous fall foliage...that i just can't get enough of!

See this tree?

J had the brilliant idea of making me lie down under the tree
and shooting up, like so:
While he and Cutie Face watched from the sidewalk,

I carried on with his instructions...

It was a great way to welcome November!


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures :) I LOVE all of the Fall colors! Unfortunately, it's so windy where I am that almost all of the leaves are gone already ):
Does that little four bedroom house come with three bears & a golden-haired little girl? ;)

Natalie said...

That house is super cute but four bedrooms? Looks like it could have one at the most. I love these colors. We don't have many orange and red trees around this year. I was sad this year missing those colors but you have made it up for me. Great pictures again. You are turning pro :)