Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Actively Occupying Cousins

It is very nice to be in Florida with the twin and her family because Cutie Face has a built in playmate. Still, even with a buddy to hang out with, the twin and I are constantly finding ways to occupy the cousins.

Among other playtime activities, they LOVE to color.

They ask to color all day long.

The twin and I certainly don't mind this activity

it keeps them in one place and calm...

for at least 15 minutes!

We've also played with Aunt Kathy's 1000-piece puzzles

as Mountain Man says, it is now guaranteed to be at least a 900-piece puzzle

New blocks for Christmas also help pass the time

With 100 pieces and a big crinkly bag, what is not to love?

Even J got in on the action a few times!

When all else fails, though, we hand them some books and let them read.
It is definitely the best!


M.A. said...

They look like THEY could be twins!!! So cute!

Unknown said...

I agree, they look like twins :-) adorable!!

happy new year to you my friend!

About Southern Belle said...

The girls are just adorable and I have to say if I ever have a baby girl (highly unlikely) she will be wearing cute hair bows all the time just like Cutie Face.

Christine Pobke said...

awwww hello cutie face! so adorable! :) it must be so nice to have cousins around the same age! :) xoxo