Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chillin' and Cookin'

It was a rainy first two days of the week so we hung out and watched some Baby Signing Time DVDs. I bought the first two off of my neighborhood email listserv for only $5 each--that is a SPECTACULAR deal. And, in Cutie Face's mind, it was the best thing EVER

She just chilled and signed while eating breakfast (she finished breakfast a little faster than the DVD so here she is just chilaxing)

I also gave her my old cell phone to have and she spent many minutes playing with it and calling Mimi and Auntie and Daddy (the three people I talk to most on the phone!). It is crazy how little she misses and how much she picks up on!

This week Cutie Face and I brought meals to two families in our playgroup that just had babies (and a third baby just arrived yesterday--Tuesday! we're growing so fast that we have enough to field our own second playgroup!).

She revolted against an afternoon nap so I let her help me make oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies. She really liked the batter. A little too much. Oh well, now she is Sweetie Face :-p

We spent a great hour at Baby Luke's house and I had the privilege of holding him for a long time. I was amazed that Cutie Face was not jealous of me holding him.

In fact, she couldn't get enough of Luke. She wanted to touch his toes (well, really, she wanted to touch everything but we tried to limit it to just his toes), give him hugs, pat his back, and put his pacifier back in.

The craziest part was, when I finally gave Luke back to Valerie, Cutie Face CRIED. She was soooo sad that I was no longer holding him! I thought we'd have the opposite reaction...let's just hope that she keeps this interest in babies until Cutie Face #2 arrives.

By the way, I'm still thinking up a moniker for her. You may not know this, but Cutie Face's real name also has the first two initials CF. I like how Cutie Face corresponds with her real name so I was hoping that Cutie Face #2 could have a similar corresponding name...

#2 will have the initials C.M. I'm thinking "cute monkey" or "cute mini" but those aren't too creative so if you have any thoughts about what pseudonym C. M. could make, please please let me know!

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Kathy said...

my first thought was cuddle monkey. I dont know though...hmm....

Cutie Face seemslike such a sweetheart. SOO glad she likes babies. I like people who like babies:)

Im having my first really big giveaway and am really nervous..why? I dont know exactly.