Monday, December 28, 2009

Family date!

The day after Christmas, Cutie Face came down with the illness that poor Lil Miss had. She didn't get the full-blown croup but she definitely got the bad cold that accompanies it. She also ran a fever off and on for a few days.

To help keep her mind off her sickness, we took her on an excursion (we've been reading Fancy Nancy, can you tell?). Of course, it probably wasn't the nicest thing for us to do to others since we took her out and about while she was sick...but we were desperate to get out of the house!

and get out we did!

We made three stops which wore Cutie Face out but caused her to sleep for 2.5 hours! We'll take that!

First we stopped at an awesome fountain. I thought it would be fun to take pictures of her in her new outfit that we bought her for Christmas (it was her "Wear" gift)

She was way more interested in looking at the fountain

...than to sit still and pose

Check out the crazy cloud line here:

Up next was the petstore. We saw fishies

Cutie Face wasn't very enamored by them

but she did like the birdies! (I was trying to focus on the birds and blur out Cutie Face and J in this picture)

Finally, we hit our original destination--Panera Bread. Ever a fan of bagels, Cutie Face devoured a whole wheat oat bagel...

and then started scavenging for lemons that were in our water...

Despite the initial shock:

She kept going back for more:

Well, they say citrus is good for a cold, right?

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Natalie said...

So hope sweet little cutie face and her cousin are doing better! Seems like that poor little girl is always catching some rotten cold. Hang in there, those sickness germs are bound to disapear now for a LONG time. Take good care everyone!