Thursday, April 22, 2010

"How To" by Cutie Face

How to...Hula Hoop
by Cutie Face

Find a hula hoop in your favorite color


then use ALL your concentration

to twirl it around your belly


When you're done with all your effort, drop it on the floor

TA-DA you did it!

or maybe not...but at least you tried!

How to... {not} eat popcorn
by Cutie Face

Pick up a piece

shove it in your mouth

contemplate eating another

decide to put your plate on the floor instead

scatter the kernels to the wind

and then leave your mommy to take pictures of the plate 
(and eat the leftovers!)

 Yes, we love popcorn in this family

1 comment:

Serline said...

Hula hoops and popcorn... my favorites too!