Wednesday, May 19, 2010

expanding horizons

Lately, whenever i put the girls in the jogging stroller, Cutie Face requests a playground run. In looking at my training log, it appears that most of my runs are "destination runs"--we'll pick a place (Trader Joe's Target playground etc.) and go. 

These runs, i'm sure, do nothing for my endurance, but at least they keep Cutie Face occupied with anticipation on the going and exhausted on the returning and they mean i can still get a run in that day! i've been getting quite bored with our typical routes so we've been branching out to new parks.

Check out the one we found today!


It is a "Boundless Playground" which means that it is accessible to kids with disabilities--how neat! Here is an example of the nice wide ramp that it features:

Unlike most parks we've been frequenting, there were actually kids playing! 
yay for friends!

and, even though it was a cloudless, super sunny day,

...the playground was not too hot to touch 
thanks to the smarties who used white and yellow colors 
and not the new fad of using dark greens and blues. 

and just a few more random photos of the kid. 

The babe was sleeping so we didn't disturb her with the camera :)

Look! it's a toy we used to play with on our old-school playgrounds!

This piece of equipment really freaks her out...

we're working on the fear factor...

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Southern Belle said...

My sons would love that park. What a neat place for you to be able to take your girls. I admire you in regards to how your run every day. That's dedicated! I need to kick my exercise routine into high gear...sadly I am so unmotivated! = )