Thursday, May 27, 2010

forecast calls for sprinklers

Yes, the forecast is so hot that a day with the sprinklers is a given

Those lazy days of summer started early this year.
Cutie Face took a lie-in this morning (though, to be fair, she was up for nearly 90 minutes in the pre-dawn hours, hence the extra sleep)

I think she officially slept in until 9:01!

With her finally awake, we could go eat devour bagels

the girls were kind enough to share with Mimi

Keys & bags entertained them while we finished our breakfast

After a brief pit stop at the playground
(the twin and i had to feed the wee ones)
 it was home to Mimi's for some sprinkler action

{please note that Lil'Miss & Cutie Face split a two-piece suit}

it helped that their fun Mimi got them pumped up 
to experience the sprinklers head on!

ever the mother, Cutie Face toted her doll baby to the sprinkler

Don't get that baby wet, Cutie Face!

thinking about heading into the sprinkler fun:

decision made! 
wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, RUN!!!

Romping through the sprinklers was tough work and tuckered them out before lunch
but they rallied and ate a picnic lunch on the blanket!

To top off today's wet activities, the Cuties and I pooled it once we got home, too (told you it was a scorcher!)

Who you callin' wet?

PS GiGi also met Sweet Pea and was a great help to us by entertaining (and feeding!) the little girlies


Southern Belle said...

Cute photos. Sprinklers are so much fun for kids, they just love them. The bumbo in the pool is a great idea. I'll have to try that out one day...once the bumbo and pool are out of storage that is.

taliastravelblog said...

I love the photos! Talia has also been in the sprinklers quite a bit this week - although things are rather different in New York. I'd guess that there are about 10-20 kids on average running through the 3 sprinklers in the park closest to us.