Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain Rain

A deluge of rain greeted us today {Monday}. We dropped J off at the Marta station and headed back for a day of cleanup and regrouping. Sadly, there was a fire on Marta (?) so I loaded the very good kiddos back into the car (right when the heavens opened and REALLY poured out with gusto--Cutie Face even said "WOW. It's really rain-n!") and we picked J up at the station and then drove to the airport. Cutie Face enjoyed seeing the planes in the air. 

Let me tell you, we had more than 40 minutes in the car on the way home to talk about those airplanes. It appears that Georgia drivers can't figure out what to do with 1)  a steady downpour of rain coupled with 2) rush hour traffic. 

Despite it being a lesson in patience for me, the girls did remarkably well in the car so we headed to Whole Foods, Staples, PetSmart, the bank, and then Cutie Face's future school...all before 10 AM.

After a busy mid-morning, i felt it unnecessary to get back in the car after that. So we hung out--Cutie Face really wanted to get up in the crib with her Cakes so i let her--and it occupied both of them for a solid 12 minutes--score one for both of us!

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The rain suspended for a few hours so we squeezed in a quick run (literally) to Trader Joe's. By the time we were on the road again, it started to mist--not too bad for the girlies in the jogging stroller. I, however, felt like i'd stepped into a steam bath and could not regulate my temperature nor my sweating--can't wait for that Georgia summer...yeah....about that...can we have a bit more Spring weather please? thanks!

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Kelly said...

I WISH Houston had a Trader Joe's. I am kind of amazed it doesn't, seeing as how big the city is...sadness! BUT, Omaha is getting one by next spring, so I'll finally be able to check one out when I go home to visit family!