Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Desserts

Take that title however you’d like…either way Cutie Face got her just desserts…after she ate all of her broccoli!

shocking, i know

We almost didn’t make it to the Udder Side (aka the “Moo Cow”) since Cutie Face was showing us her stubborn side and refusing to eat any more veggies.

who, me? stubborn? nah...

She finally caved and we were so glad she did! It isn’t a trip to Hillsdale without a visit to the Moo Cow!

Even Grandma got in on the action…

And, of course, Cutie Cakes was there, too.

Thankfully she didn’t know what she was missing!

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Southern Belle said...

So cute... I just love the moo-stache.