Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Oh kiddo you're just growing SO fast! 

  • You're super close to sitting. Any day now (i hope! i love that stage!)
  • You LOVE to play with things in your hands--you're almost to the everything-i-see-i-want-to-grab stage but for now you're content to just get things within reach and play for a long time
  • You are a true water baby. We thought your sister was until we met you. You squeal with joy in the pool, kick your chubby little legs like crazy in your bath, and could spend all day in the bumbo + kiddie pool combo.
  • You've sat on the potty quite a lot! And, 7/10 times you do a little something in there. I'm very impressed. Those 3 other times, you let us know that it is NOT potty time and stand right up. You just know, girl!
  • You follow your sister everywhere...with your eyes/head that is. If you could turn all the way around just to see where she was going you would!
  • You tried your first bit of solid food a week or two ago. You weren't a huge fan so we're waiting (yay! i'm a fan of that!)
  • you don't want to miss anything--which means that you rarely take a good nap. BUT you do sleep really well at night so we can't complain!
  • You're sweet and silly and always content (as long as you have food in your belly!). and we love you!

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