Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cutie Face is...TWO?!

how is it possible?

I cannot tell you

but I can tell you that, on the calendar, it proves our Cutie Face is TWO. 

i know, i can't believe it either.

In some ways, she seems much much older than two. In her speech, comprehension, and height she appears to an outsider to be at least three. In our eyes, we still see her like this:

but seeing pictures like this, taken just a year ago,

prove she's growing up quickly!

Now, be prepared for a TON of pictures of the birthday bash 

(and keep in mind that this blog is our family scrapbook so it will most likely be boring to all but us!)

Keeping in Cutie Family tradition, we procrastinated on birthday prep until Thursday. While we ordered the "real" cupcakes from Publix (can't be beat!) we counted the RSVPs and found that we were expecting more than the original count. So we whipped up a batch of carrot cupcakes...Cutie Face definitely liked helping us!

J cleaned the Little Tykes playset we found on the side of the road...back in January...and also cleaned a free rug...also found on the side of the road...that we placed under the playset. Have I mentioned we're frugal (some might say...cheapskates :0 but i prefer "eco-friendly"--we are recycling after all!)

Cutie Cakes helped me make an awning that would shield our guests from the blinding sun and hopefully lend shade and a cooler outdoor environ:

Grandma came to town and we put her to work making puff balls! She is now a pro!

The day of the party dawned bright and early. Thankfully we had amazing reinforcements come help us finish (START!) the party prep--Mimi, Poppy, Gramps and Jen-Gram came bearing gifts, props, and talent to pull all the loose strings together (seriously and truly can't thank you guys enough!)

Streamers were strung

puff balls were hung
party food was laid out

and made! (thanks Mountain Man for manning the grill and seeing J's vision of a grilled breakfast brunch played out in reality)

the first guests arrived

and even the cool, hip couple graced Cutie Face's party! (shout out!)

and the party got under way!

 (photo by Bob Schellhammer)
It appeared the play-doh table was the biggest hit of the day

with the bubble station (and favors) following close behind


J's cleaning efforts were not wasted, either, as the playset was also well used!

the Grandpas were finally fed
and guests seemed happy
(i hope!)

it wasn't a party to Cutie Face, though, unless there were cupcakes
That was, afterall, the unofficial theme of the party

Cutie Face has been talking about cupcakes at her "happy birthday party" since her cousin's birthday party--in March (no lie). With a custom-made cupcake dress...

...all she was missing was the real deal

 (photo by Bob Schellhammer)

it was finally CUPCAKE TIME!

Cutie Face was hoisted into J's arms

 (photo by Bob Schellhammer)

the guests started singing

someone turned very shy

but, with J's help, managed to blow out her "2" candle

we think she thoroughly enjoyed that "happy birthday cupcake" (as she called it)

 (photo by Bob Schellhammer)

other guests seemed to enjoy the cupcakes as well

all that partying wore sweet Cutie Face out...and off she went to take a nap!

 (photo by Bob Schellhammer)

meanwhile, the party wrapped up with car rides...

...and a little Cutie Cakes time!

 (both photos by Bob Schellhammer)
with the last of the guests gone, Cutie Face finally awoke to a roomful of presents

 (photo by Bob Schellhammer)

thankfully, she had her cousins to help her!

 (photo on left by Bob Schellhammer)

boots, (chair +) umbrellas, My Little Pony, Melissa & Doug, tutus, books, baby dolls and a play kitchen (complete with play food!) ruled the day...

 (photo on left by Bob Schellhammer)

 (photos by Bob Schellhammer)


 (photo by Bob Schellhammer)

After all that merriment, can you believe it was barely even time for dinner? The family stayed for a bratwurst cookout on the grill...and the cousins had an ice chip party!

finally, oh finally, it was time for a quadruple bath--all four cousins in the tub!

 (photo by Bob Schellhammer)
oh wow. What a funtabulous way to turn TWO!

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Lauren said...

What a fun day! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. It looks like an amazing party!