Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grandma in the ATL

The last few times we've seen Grandma have been in Hillsdale. Cutie Face LOVES visiting Grandma's house because of her lake, swing, and puppies.

We, however, were thrilled to welcome her back to the ATL for a week-long visit that coincided with her birthday, Cutie Face's birthday, and Cutie Cakes' baptsim. Talk about a full week!

As if all of those events weren't enough, we still managed to go to the zoo, the doctor's and out to dinner. Thanks for tagging along with us, Grandma!

the birthday girl ordered a fun TV dinner tray--complete with lemon cupcake!

a day after all the birthday and baptism celebrations, Grandma accompanied us to the 2-year and 6-month doctor's appointments.

(six-month sitter)

(two-year sorter)

Cutie Face was weighed and measured
and found to be in the 99th percentile for height (37.5")

Cutie Cakes is our "petite" kiddo, 
measuring in the 69th percentile for both height and weight

We LOVE our PA! She's great and examined Cutie Face's new doll from Grandma before she performed any "tricks" on Cutie Face. 

we were very thankful that Grandma was with us, especially after the vaccine shots!

post-doctor, we headed to the zoo. Grandma bought us our zoo membership but she'd never been with us. We were very glad to share the animals with her!

it was a bit steamy at the panda exhibit

Despite the heat, there were SO MANY animals playing or lounging

the highlight was seeing the newborn, 4-week old giraffe

she barely stopped running. It was adorable!

we even saw two elephants--seriously, we've never seen more animals at one time before--they must have known that Grandma was coming to see them!

Grandma is a minister in the Episcopalian church so we decided to take her to one of the most beautiful Episcoplain cathedrals we've ever seen--The Cathedral of St. Philips. 

We first discovered this church when we started attending their weekly Saturday farmers' market (the best in the ATL!). One Saturday, we sought cover from the rain, and stumbled upon their incredible bookstore. So that's where we took Grandma...

The girls were a little antsy so we played on both of their playgrounds (yes! they have TWO!)

and Cutie Face practiced for preschool

It now appears that it isn't a visit to the Cutie household
without a Move it Move it dance party
...of which Grandma was happy to partake!

Thanks for coming to visit us, Grandma!

we love you!

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Yay for Grandma time! BTW, you got a good photo of the panda.