Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bla Bla Halloween Party: 2010

While I just finished stating that we aren't huge on Halloween, we do let the kids trick or treat (2010 will be Cutie Face's first official attempt at soliciting candy from strangers) and we most definitely enjoy neighborhood Halloween parties.

Our favorite is hands down the BlaBla Halloween Party. Guaranteed to always be a good time filled with creative crafts, games, music, and yummy food and drink, this party cannot be missed!

Their decorations and details are sweet and whimsical

they always invite you to...

an offer we cannot resist!

the finished Cuties Pumpkin:

Cutie Cakes was a little too young to help with the decorating 
but she still couldn't resist the pumpkins 

here was my 30-second attempt at making a cat face
(with old mascara...yeah...)

She's a cute kitty regardless of the lack of whiskers!

the highlights for Cutie Face were two-fold:

seeing her bosom buddy Leo from school

 here seen begrudgingly playing the piano

and eating SmartDogs and drinking Juice Boxes

note that the juice box changed color...
yes, she had more than one (eek)

Cutie Cakes and J also gnawed on some dogs

We stuck our head in cardboard BlaBla cutouts

and learned more about numbers through Bingo!

(the caller would say thirty-seven. That's a "3" and a "7")

it was a wonderful party and left us looking forward to the next one!

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Southern Belle said...

Oh' that looks like fun! My kids would love it. As always your pictures capture the day beautifully!