Friday, November 19, 2010

Music with Miss Julie

I think I love Cutie Face's school more every day. While I have yet to witness what goes on in her class (and outside in the playground, and in their music class, and their tumbling class, and their art class...), I know that she comes home a little more confident in what she can accomplish and a little bit more knowledgeable (in both social as well as cerebral skills).

Yesterday, (a Friday), is a day that Cutie Face does not attend school but we were invited to attend their monthly school assembly. While there, I was able to witness just *how* excited she became when she saw her teachers and how animated she became when her friends started waving at her to come dance with them. It was so sweet to see these little friendships blooming and see how much she's grown to love her teachers.

Anyway, the point of this post is not her school but MUSIC! 

Music with Miss Julie Austin, to be exact. Albeit very goofy (and what children's singer isn't--they need to be to keep up with toddler energy levels!), she was very fun and very good at what she does

When we entered the assembly, Cutie Face's teachers and MWF class had yet to arrive but we settled in the back with one of her T/Th classmates.

these two are actually the two youngest in the class so it was nice for them to be able to be with each other during the music hour! I don't think they minded, either...

Miss Julie really involved her audience and I truly didn't mind her songs--they were kind of catchy and definitely toddler/parent dance worthy!

even Cutie Cakes sat with rapt attention
at least, until she spied a teacher's belt buckle and ring--
then she was off and inching to investigate 

When Cutie Face saw Ms. Terry and Ms. Shalece enter the fellowship hall, she wanted to run over and hug them.

some of Cutie Face's buds & one of her teachers--Ms. Terry

It took a little convincing but she finally made it over there and stayed until the end of the concert. Unfortunately, i kept my seat and had a horrible angle but i can't help but post these pics for the sake of memory!

I'm surprising myself when I say that I might actually actively seek out Julie's next performance! Thanks to the school and Miss Julie for an excellent Friday adventure!

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