Friday, September 9, 2011

I'll still love you, New York

Ryan Adam's song, New York, New York, played through my head the 36-hours that we inhabited NYC. My twin lived in the city and loved it but I wasn't a huge fan--didn't think I could "do it", especially with kids. 

That all changed when we brought our cuties to the Big Apple and powered through the city like we knew what we were doing. Maybe it's all about attitude and confidence--finally living in the reality that I'm God's creation and that I don't need to be concerned about anyone's opinion of me (why i think New Yorkers would have the time of day to judge me i have no clue)--to have that confidence as a child of God is pretty awesome (<----and i mean that word in it's literal sense!)


The girls loved NYC. Cutie Face could not get enough of the city and kept proclaiming her love for it. It helped that J's law school friends had an incredibly spectacular roof-top terrace from which to view the skyline.

(apparently Cutie Cakes will only look at the camera for me 
if she is instructed to show me her tongue. 
Makes for stellar pics)

We ate genuine New York pizza on the rooftop while enjoying the sunset, the views, and the conversation with old friends. Cutie Face and her new-found friend, Talia, hit it off and hung out with us the whole night--until nearly 11! Crazy late but such is city life, eh?

the main reason she was able to stay up so late? 
Oh yeah
eating two slices of this delicious homemade Build-a-Bear cake!

ahh New York
I'll still love you :)

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