Tuesday, September 6, 2011

in the books!

we started Cutie Face's first day of the adventures class...

really excitedly!

here's Cutie Face gesticulating wildly about the fact 
that SHE is the one that gets to go to school today:

and here is our little Cutie getting excited for her big sis:

all that excitement pre-preschool wore them out 
so they took a joint nap on the couch

which then left me scrambling at the last minute so the poor kid only got one obligatory picture before we ran to school (literally) with marker left on her hands from the drawings she was making for her teachers...yeah...we're classy like that

She skipped into her class and didn't look back (sniff sniff) which made it surprisingly easy for Cutie Cakes and I to run back to our house just in time to take visiting friends to the airport. 

Here's the thing. J toted our visiting friends around in our Cabrio. For roughly a year, this very same Cabrio's automatic retractable roof had ceased to function. Remarkably, the roof retracted the day our friends arrived so they got to drive around the ATL in style (ha!). 

The only issue? The roof wouldn't go back up.

Not really an issue when the weather is peachy. Definitely an issue when you're taking 4 people to the airport and it's raining. (We decided to let J drive our normal kid-toting vehicle to his office since he wouldn't be able to park the invalid Cabrio under shelter during the rainstorms at work.) 

If you look closely, you'll see a car seat and a Cutie hunkered low in the picture above.

With her sister's raincoat on, this kid was a trooper

she loved her ride (bonus: we barely got rain during our trip)

Cutie Cakes celebrated with a rain dance

and looked quite cute doing so

finally it was time to pick up the Big Cutie from school. 
We snuck up on her from the back of the playground

while she may have been excited to go to school,
she was very excited to leave school...

...because she knew about our little tradition from last year:
"ice cream" (fro-yo) after the 1st day of school.

Let's just say this kid has a one-track mind. 
Upon seeing us she immediately said she was ready for her ice cream 
and most definitely did not want to linger on the playground

Pleased as punch to get her treat

and her sister clearly didn't mind piggybacking
on the post-school prize, either

phew! that first day of school is officially in the books!

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Kim said...

The picture of Cutie Cakes rain dance looks like an illustration from a book! Too cute! Yay for a great first day of school!