Thursday, December 22, 2011

Festive Lights, Holiday Sights

Do you seek out Christmas lights and gaudy Christmas decor on neighboring streets? When we run during the Christmas season, the girls and I love to stop and ooh and ahh over crazy inflatable displays that seem to cover every square inch of a neighbor's lawn. We've even taken a few night runs just to see the 'hood lit up with blinking multi-color, icicle-hanging, 1000-strand lights. It's safe to say that our family is definitely taken by the "fairy lights" (as they say in the UK).

The girls got their light fix in one fell swoop when we visited Flesher Farms in Bonita Springs. TWO MILLION lights set the sky aglow and have been doing so for nearly 25 consecutive years! The twin and I visited when we were kiddos and now we're carrying on the tradition with our families.

The varying lights and dozens of lit animals and inflatable displays definitely kept the kids' attention.

Cutie Cakes was most taken by this random but hilarious one--with Santa popping in and out of an outhouse while an elf stands by and chuckles embarrassingly. Random, right? but it moves and it involves a potty, two things that capture a potty-trained toddler's attention, i suppose

I am glad they had the nativity scene near the entrance. Jesus is the Light of the World so all the lights  at Flesher Farms can be viewed as a testament to how effective one little light for Jesus is when it stands with so many others.

May our family shine bright for our Savior in 2012!

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Courtney said...

What a great tradition. It is so wonderful that you can carry on this tradition with your kids.