Monday, January 2, 2012

1.2.12 {picture a cutie}

Well here we are, at the end of our 12-day vacation, the first as a family of five. What a fantastic time in Florida we had--playing with cousins, visiting with extended family, enjoying God's fabulous creation (hello beach!), and soaking up time together.

now we are blessedly loaded down with Christmas gifts and crammed full of sweet almost-sleeping children. I can hear cutie face, once the only and now the biggest sister, softly complaining about goIng to sleep. If it was still just her in the car, I'd crawl in the back and tell her stories, sing her a song, and do prayers until she fell asleep. My heart hurts for her a bit because neither of us have known those times of such undivided and individualized attention in nearly two years. And how sometimes I wish we could go back to those times so she knows how much she is loved and valued--more than just being the excellent role model for her sisters and the incredible helper for me, her mom.

But then I know how rich her life (& mine!) is because of her siblings--the love expounded, the lessons learned, the forever-bonds formed. How amazing to think that our God can give us, his children, individual attention and a plan just for us but then plop us in the middle of our Christian family to learn the same lessons and experience the same love.

I anticipated just attempting to see if a picture could upload from my iPhone to snapfiah to blogger while we drove home. I wanted to keep the daily picture streak alive! Sorry so long winded!

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Kim said...

Welcome back to bloggy land :) I've missed pics of your adorable girls! Looks like you are doing well!