Thursday, January 26, 2012


Sometimes Cutie Cakes looks up at me

and i catch my breath

her eyes are just unreal!

when I was little, 
I used to pray my eyes would turn blue like the twin's

then we read a missionary story about Amy Carmichael
she quickly became my favorite missionary 
(do kids have such things?!)
because she used to pray that her eyes would change color, too

she knew God could answer her prayers. She believed He could
but He didn't.

Years later, as a missionary in India,
she realized God answered her prayer with a "no"

in order to blend in and not stick out 
as a woman 
who just happened to be a missionary

it was imperative that she look the part
all the way down to her brown eyes


all that to say,
it seems 2 of my girls received the stunning blue eyes 
i prayed for long ago

1 comment:

Kim said...

I always prayed for blue eyes and curly hair...which the twins both got :)