Monday, January 9, 2012

Fee Fi Fo Fun

the Cuties' favorite museum in Atlanta is by far 
the Children's Museum

We typically go every Monday
they do not allow school groups or field trips that day
and, if you get there right when it opens,
you're basically the first and only people in attendance
for at least 20-minutes

that means we get to be the ones to mess everything up first
(which i feel very badly about & initially try to chase after the girls 
attempting to put everything back in their proper places 
but then i realize its a futile effort once even one more family arrives)

J and I thought long and hard about getting the girls
a train table for Christmas. They love this play area!

*in the end, we got them a great dollhouse--
something the children's museum does not have

another fan/fam favorite is the moon dough
I could play with this myself the entire time

Cutie Cakes decided she wanted to be an antagonist
and smashed/stole/destroyed Cutie Face's "cupcakes"
three times in a row.

resulting in a lovely time-out...
in the middle of the children's museum

nothing a "sorry mommy. sorry cutie face" couldn't fix
or a well-timed snack break for that matter!

all in all, a good diversion from the house
filled with lots of lessons on how to behave & interact in public!
the bonus is,
you're surrounded by families/moms/kids that completely understand 
the situation you are currently in 
since they are more than likely in the same place as us!

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