Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Giggling with GiGi

Following a great week with Grammy in Florida
my girls were blessed to be with their GiGi

Gigi met Cutie Pie

we realized how much Cutie Face looks like me, 
how much i look like my dad, 
and how much my dad looks like GiGi 
(ie, how much Cutie Face and GiGi look alike!)

Cutie Cakes loved hugging on her GiGi
(maybe she's thanking her for her infamously indispensable blankie)

and i don't think GiGi minded the hugs 

at a spry 82
GiGi played and played with the girls

needless to say, giggles abounded
they LOVED it!




We love you GiGi!

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